. 2018 Year in Review, Part I

Rick Carlino

Personal blog of Rick Carlino, senior software engineer at Qualia Labs, co-founder of Fox.Build Makerspace. Former co-founder of FarmBot.

2018 Year in Review, Part I

2018 was a year of personal growth. This blog post aims to summarize 2018 before I set goals for 2019.


My First Think Week: I did a Bill Gates style think week this year. I spent the week alone reading books about operating system and programming language design. The knowledge gained was useful for some technical challenges at work related to a custom programming language and virtual machine used in FarmBot. I intend to do this again in 2019.

Books: Below is a non-exhaustive list of noteworthy reads:

Travel and Events

Finished Projects and Accomplishments

Ongoing Projects

Next Up

Now that 2018 is wrapped up, I will discuss my plans for 2019.

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