Rick Carlino

Co-founder at FarmBot and Fox.Build Makerspace,

software historian, Open Source tinkerer.

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What I’m Doing Right Now (November 2019)

What is a Now Page?

A now page is something suggested by Derek Sivers and introduced as a more personal way to give updates to people you haven’t seen in a while. Sure you can use FaceBook or LinkedIn, but what are you up to in a more macro view?

Check out this site for more information.


In the last 6 months, we have added many features to the platform that increase its usefulness. Examples of this are the plant groups feature, grid and row planting, and sequence variables (user definable parameters for a GUI programming language). We are currently working on a third feature that will add aditional features on top of the “groups” and “variable” features released in 2019.


I am finishing up a very hectic 2019. I will run a 50k ultramarathon in January. I am still making plans for 2020. Stay tuned for a “Year in Review” blog!

Community Involvement

I took some time away from public speaking and community involvement in 2019. In 2020, I would like to be more involved with community organizations and public speaking opportunities. Please see my 2019 “Year in Review” post for more details.w

Our makerspace is starting to grow to the point that we need to standardize many things which were once dealt with manually. This is particularly true for helping members learn tools and practices. I hope to create videos and texts in 2020 to help new members make the most of the makerspace.