Rick Carlino

Co-founder at FarmBot and Fox.Build Makerspace,

software historian, Open Source tinkerer.

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What I’m Doing Right Now (January 2020)

What is a Now Page?

A now page is something suggested by Derek Sivers and introduced as a more personal way to give updates to people you haven’t seen in a while.

Check out this site for more information.


We are almost done adding a new “criteria-based groups” feature to the FarmBot Web App. It will allow users to apply arbitrary queries to groups of plants in their garden so that FarmBot can tend to them more effectively. Once that feature ships, I plan to continue focusing on platform stability and scalability for most of the year.


I ran a 50k ultramarathon and did some public speaking in January. I am still solidifying my plans for 2020. Stay tuned for a “Year in Review” blog!

Community Involvement

COVID-19 has made that nearly impossible, but I am continuing mastermind group meetings remotely. That is the extent of my community involvement these days, unfortunately. I am glad I did my public speaking early in the year!