Rick Carlino

Co-founder at FarmBot and Fox.Build Makerspace,

computer history buff, Open Source tinkerer.

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What I’m Doing Right Now (July 2019)

What is a Now Page?

A now page is something suggested by Derek Sivers and introduced as a more personal way to give updates to people you haven’t seen in a while. Sure you can use FaceBook or LinkedIn, but what are you up to in a more macro view?

Check out this site for more information.


I have been working on FarmBot for almost 6 years now. I am very happy with our progress. My near-term focus for the project is to increase platform reliability and consumer friendliness. For users, this means the recently released “variables” feature in the sequence editor, plus an upcoming “groups” feature that will give users the ability to iterate more efficiently when using their FarmBot to perform gardening tasks. We have also added a new “assertion” feature that helps developers write integration tests for hardware and software more quickly.

Farmbot version 8 is out for beta review. I am excited about the features and stability it will add to the platform.


I am also working on a number of personal interest projects. These projects are less about their usefulness and more about the personal enjoyment they bring me. I am currently on track to meet this goal.

In 2019, I am focusing on spending more time with my family outside of work. I am also making time for the projects I’ve rescheduled for “someday”.

Community Involvement

Our makerspace has been in the new building for about a year now. As always, my focus for Fox.Build is to place community as the first priority. I have started a “Software Developer Office Hours”- a meetup group where I help answer questions from people who are learning to code.