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Lead software developer and co-founding member @ Farmbot, Inc.

Co-founder @ Fox.Build Makerspace, St. Charles, IL.

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Dokku and Docker for Impatient Rubyists

August 19 2014

What is Docker?

It’s a way to put your linux applications into their own containers on the same machine or across a network. It’s not the same thing as a VM. It’s far more efficient and your friends will be envious of your dev ops skills.

What is Dokku?

It’s a poor man’s Heroku written in about 100 lines of BASH. You can run it yourself on a $5
digital ocean instance. Unlike Heroku, you have more control over things. After all, it’s your machine. Want to run a background worker? Need an extra cron job? No problem.

Key Features

I’m Sold!

Noteworthy Plugins:

Cheat Sheet

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